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Free Solar Quote
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Image "With expert planning and careful guidance, we were able to lower our electric bill from $200 per month on average to under $2 per month. I actually look forward to opening my bill, because it makes me laugh!"

Solar_Mt_Wash "Peter and his solar gremlins have been responsive, flexible, helpful, honest, kind, thoughtful, neat, and diligent.  They handled the rebate application, permit, etc.  Even after installation, they returned to improve the system's performance."
- Henry Weinstock, MT. WASHINGTON

Image "As a green contractor, I look for professionalism and timeliness in my trades. California Solar Engineering has always met and exceeded expectations." 
- Brian Wakil, Bricor Developments, SILVERLAKE

Image "Peter was helpful and knowledgeable.  The system performs as well, if not better than he said it would."

Image "The California Solar Engineering staff were a breath of fresh air compared to many other sale and services companies I’ve dealt with.  [I experienced] total courteous and professional service from start to finish including the final follow up interview with the owner of the company."         - Frank W. Marino, GLENDALE 

Image "I really don't think about the panels much but I feel they are working great.  My son gets up on the roof to wash them a couple times a year.  I was very happy with California Solar Engineering.  After seeing "An Inconvenient Truth" I was anxious to get solar panels on my roof.   California Solar Engineering had them up there a month after I called.  They helped with the rebate process and were all-around very helpful and knowledgeable.  I would recommend them to anyone!"


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