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Free Solar Quote

Free Solar Quote
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Can I really make my electric meter spin backwards?

Yes. Under California's Net Metering Law, if a PV (or other qualifying renewable energy system) is tied to the grid, electricity produced in excess of that consumed, is sent out onto the grid, spinning your electric meter backwards. You receive credit for this electricity at the full retail rate.

How much will my bill go down?

Could go to zero! Here is a chart comparison of an actual electric bill from one of our customers both before and after their solar installation.


What are “tiers”?
Tiers represent a regressive rate structure whereby a consumer pays more for the same amount of electricity later in the billing period than in the beginning.

How long does it take to install a system? 4-10 days

How much will it cost?
We custom design every system, and the prices vary with size. You’ll find a very good Solar Estimator by clicking here Keep in mind that a solar PV system is an investment with a return better than 11%. And, it’s a purchase you can feel good about for the life of the system (25 years or more)!

The results produced by the Solar Estimator are only that--an estimate of your System Cost and Size. Please visit our Design Your System page or call California Solar Engineering for a free professional Solar Evaluation.
888 62-SOLAR

How much roof space do I need to have?

Typical pitched roofs can produce about 10W/sq ft of roof space. Flat roofs can produce a little less, about 8W/sq ft. For example, a 6.0kW system requires 600 sq ft of pitched roof space. And a 4.0kW system requires 500 sq ft of flat roof space.

How much will my rebate be?

It will depend on the size of your system, for further information on Utility rebates in California visit

Our website can point you to many other helpful online solar resources.

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