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Free Solar Quote
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Solar is Great for Businesses!

California Solar Engineering offers grid-tied commercial solar systems, custom tailored to most help your business! Commercial Solar
We will assess your energy consumption, review your appliance and lighting efficiency (if applicable) and design a high-performance system for your roof.
Commercial solar power is good for your energy portfolio, will also help fight global warming, and save you and your company a lot of money. Plus now a days is a sure way for your business to soar.

Find out if solar makes sense for your business today!

The California Solar Engineering staff is second to none

We employ the services of several highly trained specialists to insure that you own the best possible system for your needs.

A Ph.D. Solid State Physicist will insure that your commercial solar energy system operates at maximum level of performance. This includes the selection of the best available equipment, optimally integrated and sited. As part of our design process, we perform a thorough site survey and assess module placement and orientation, shading, electrical losses, and other system impairments.

Urban Roofs with Solar PanelsThen a registered architect reviews the design and physical layout to insure that aesthetics are taken into account and that you will understand how the system will be integrated into your home environment.

Our installation crews are supervised by a licensed general contractor and have undergone a minimum three-day solar training course taught by Endecon Engineering, SHARP SRS installation training, and Sharp SunVista inverter installation and solar service training.

We never use sub-contractors!

Southern California locals

Our office is located just north of Downtown Los Angeles.  We’ve been in business here since 2002, installing solar (PV) systems from Malibu to San Marino and beyond. Our installers are NABCEPTM certified and have years of solar-specific experience.

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