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Free Solar Quote
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Why Solar Energy?

Solar panels are increasingly popular throughout the world but especially here in Southern California. Here are just a hand full of reasons that countless families and business are choosing to go solar today:

  • Save money by eliminating your electric bill
  • Greater independence from foreign fossil fuels
  • Insurance from the volatility of energy prices
  • Generate quiet energy directly from the sun, with no fuel, no fluids, and no moving parts
  • A cleaner future environment thanks to renewable energies
  • solarmap
  • Technology at the forefront of a revolution

Moreover, solar energy is both practical and economical. Sunny Southern California is the perfect place to take advantage of it! In urban areas, a rooftop solar installation is the most effective, efficient, and sustainable way to generate energy for your home or business.

Financial and Economic Reasons

Solar power never increases in price! Unlike power you get from your utility’s power plant which typically increases 7% each year, your cost of electricity from your solar panels will never change. This means that the value of your solar system increases in value over the years as electricity rates go up. Your one-time purchase buys you 30 years worth of renewable energy that you never have to pay for again.  You will own your own renewable energy power plant instead of “renting power” from local utilities, powered by fossil fuels.

Solar energy not only protects you from rising electricity costs, but also increases the value of your property.  The moment your solar system is  whysolar   installed, the value of your home increases by an amount equal to twenty times the cost of one years’ energy. Also, a house for sale with solar panels on it tends to spend a lot less time on the market as it is much more desirable than homes that don’t include home-grown electricity in their price tag!  Even with these added benefits to your property’s value, your solar installation will not increase your property tax basis. (Section 73 of the California Revenue and  Taxation Code)

If you are installing solar for your business, you can depreciate your solar system on a 5-year accelerated schedule.

With recent lower PV module prices, the 30% Federal Tax Credit, and local utility solar rebates, solar energy is now a better financial investment than ever. The current solar energy rebates—from LADWP for example—can cut the cost of your solar system nearly in half. The utility rebates available through the California Solar Initiative ($3.2 billion California is investing in solar incentives) has a built-in reduction as the number of solar installations increase. Once a certain number of megawatts (of PV) are installed—as more people go solar—the incentives are reduced typically by 10%.  This means that to take advantage of the current solar rebate level you need to act now—another reason why this is the best time ever to buy solar in Southern California!

Environmental Reasons

"So we have a choice to make. We can remain one of the world's leading importers of foreign oil, or we can make the investments that would allow us to become the world's leading exporter of renewable energy. We can let climate change continue to go unchecked, or we can help stop it.”

-President Obama, March 19, 2009

The use of solar energy is a tangible way to generate clean energy in an environmentally sound and safe manner.  By deploying solar energy systems, we reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and other harmful pollution resulting in lower greenhouse gases, reduced acid rain, and lower smog levels. 

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), electricity generation is the dominant industrial source of air emissions in the United States today.  The EPA has calculated that over its 25-year design life, a 5kW Solar system could offset the emission of more than 105 tons of dangerous pollutants, such as NOx, SO2, and CO2.  This reduced carbon dioxide emission alone is equivalent to removing 26 cars from the road or planting almost 1 and a half acres of trees each year!

Harnessing the clean and abundant power of the sun helps you contribute to the health of our planet with an alternative to fossil fuels and these environment-damaging greenhouse gases.  The time to reduce and stabilize carbon emissions is here now!  Renewable solar energy can help within years, not decades.

Practical Reasons — Energy Independence:

Owning a solar system lets you:

  • Enjoy a new technology
  • solar_guy
  • Help to make America energy independent
  • Advance the nation’s development and transmission of renewable energy
  • Reduce the emission of green house gases thereby reducing global warming
  • Reduce local air pollution
  • Manage your financial risk by controlling the cost of your energy

You can use the power of the sun, along with energy efficiency in your home, to help greatly reduce your electricity bills and take full control over your electricity expenses.  If you have the budget and the roof space, you can reduce your electric bill to ZERO!  Electricity rates increase an average of 7% per year.  Generate your own power and avoid these constant rate hikes.

In addition to reducing the amount of energy that your utility needs to generate, solar electric systems also lighten the load on the already over-burdened power grid, increasing efficiency and energy security by producing energy directly on your property, where power is needed.  There is no need to transport the power from hundreds of miles away or rely on a power plant at all.

California Solar Engineering

We have been in business for over eight years, installing solar for your Southern California neighbors since 2002! kids_solar We offer FREE on-site consultations. We are experts in engineering solar systems and are committed to educating our customers. Our website contains useful technical information and solar facts from our years of research and expertise. 

We handle all of your rebate paperwork, pull permits, and stand for the required inspection for you. All of our systems and installations are guaranteed and include comprehensive warranties. Each solar panel is guaranteed to work for 25 years!  There are reports of older solar models working as long as 40 years!  Our solar energy systems are highly dependable and amazingly durable (able to withstand hurricane force winds and 1” hailstones at 50mph).

California Solar Engineering uses only the highest performing, most reliable solar equipment on the market with the highest energy efficiency and longest warranties available.

CSE warranties

  • 25-year warranty on panels
  • 10-year warranty on inverters
  • 10-year warranty on service, installation and workmanship

Click here to see how easy it is to join other happy solar customers and Go Solar today!

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