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Residential Solar Panels

How do residential solar panels work

Solar modules collect energy from the sun and transform it into Direct Current (DC).  The DC travels to your inverter where it is then converted to Alternating Current (AC).  Generally household appliances use AC.  Your net meter keeps track of the AC energy your photovoltaic (PV) system produces and if at any point you are producing more than you are using, that excess energy goes back onto the grid through the power lines.  When this extra (AC) power goes back onto the grid, your electric meter spins backwards, essentially giving you credit for when the sun goes down and you still need electricity.

A relatively small number of urban solar systems are off grid which means they are not connected to the grid and consequently do not send any (AC) power back onto the grid. These systems store their excess energy in batteries. A battery back-up system generally adds 15% to the cost of a residential PV system. What’s more, if you are not feeding into the grid, you are not usually eligible for a rebate from the power company.

Click here for a much more detailed explanation of how solar works.

Quality Solar Products

The solar panels and inverters installed on your home will be the very best available. Take a look at the solar products we use.

Customer Service

Installing residential solar power is our specialty!  California Solar Engineering handles all required applications and paperwork. This means you will never have to wait in line for a permit or stay on hold with your electric company waiting to schedule an inspection. We make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible for you.

Solar energy is a feel-good investment

When you generate your energy from the sun with solar panels, you are taking immediate action to reduce the carbon pollution that threatens our climate. Along with securing your financial future, using solar power reduces greenhouse gases and other pollutants. Installing solar panels is a concrete way to break your dependence on fossil fuels.

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