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Free Solar Quote

Free Solar Quote
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Commercial Solar Installation

California Solar Engineering is dedicated to providing the finest commercial solar energy products and related services to business owners. We have been installing commercial solar PV systems in Southern California since 2002.  We are simply the best team for your commercial solar installation.

  • Fully bonded and insured
  • Highly trained NABCEPTM certified
  • All our solar panel installers have completed Endecon’s 3-day PV training
  • Engineering expertise (BSME and Ph.D. physics)
  • 7 years of solar-specific experience


Our customers are your fellow entrepreneurs!  We have installed solar all over Southern California and our customers are now saving thousands of dollars every month with commercial solar electricity systems installed by California Solar Engineering.   See what they have to say on our Solar Customer Testimonials page.  Maybe you’ve noticed panels around the city.  See how your neighborhood stacks up in the solar department on the LA County Solar Map


Financial Benefits of Solar

Minimal Electric Bill

Your corporate electric account could be less than $100 a month if you invest in a commercial solar power system!  Our commercial clients have seen their bills come down immediately!

Increased Property Value

Not only will you save thousands on electric bills, the valuation of your building will increase by an amount equal to 16-20 times your annual energy bill savings (according to the National Appraisal Institute) without increasing your property tax one cent! (CA Solar Initiative)  Also properties with solar power tend to sell more quickly if you need to upgrade to a larger building.

Return on Your Investment (ROI)

Our expertly designed commercial solar systems will return several times your initial investment over the life of the industry-leading 25 year warranty!  Typical returns are 10-12%.  Local rebates bring the price down as much a 50%!   What are the available solar rebates in my area?

Go Solar!

Click here to find out how easy it is to go solar!  A solar consultant at California Solar Engineering will speak with you and create the perfect system to meet your specific needs and budget.  We have financing options available and will also make sure you receive the highest solar rebate and tax credits available.

Start generating your own solar energy for your business, and start doing more to help save our environment.  When you generate power from commercial PV panels on your own property, you will save tremendously on energy costs as well.

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