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Free Solar Quote
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How much does solar energy actually cost?

Less than a Prius! Sometimes much less.

Solar Cost

Generally, solar installation cost depends on your solar system size, or how much clean energy you want to produce. You can obtain a rough estimate of the cost of solar through

California Solar Engineering will custom design your system to minimize your payback time and maximize your return on investment (ROI). Let us explain exactly what solar will cost you by filling out our consultation request or simply calling California Solar Engineering for a free professional Solar Evaluation at 888 62-SOLAR

Is a solar system a sound investment?

Yes!  Think of it as buying your own electricity generation system which will produce clean, free electricity for the next 25+ years. A solar PV system will return 11% or more on your investment and in Southern California the pay back period if 5-8 years!  Plus, it’s a purchase you can feel great about!

The Cost of Installing Solar is Dropping

The number of solar PV systems being installed in our country is growing every year.  In 2008, the cost of going solar started to fall and we are just now starting to reach a plateau.   Read about it in this Science Daily article. 

The cost of solar power is worth the investment

The cost is significant, but an investment worth making!

Net Metering

During the day your PV system will typically generate more electricity than you use and your meter will spin backwards! You then draw on this credit after the sun goes down. Your return on investment begins immediately after installation and will grow over time as utility rates continue to increase.

MeterPeak Shaving

Even if we install a system that does not completely eliminate your electricity bill, a partial system will be able to eliminate your most expensive electricity and keep you below your utility “baseline” if you have tiered electricity rates.That's why cutting 30% of your electric usage typically cuts 60% of our bill!

Increased Property Value

Solar systems increase the resale value of your home by 20 times your annual energy savings. What's more, State Law prohibits your property taxes from increasing.  Plus it is a demonstrated fact that solar homes sell more quickly.

Payback time for solar costs

Before investing in a solar energy system, you should carefully evaluate the cost of solar power, payback time and net profit from your investment. Payback time is between 5 and 8 years in Southern California! Over the life of your solar system you will see a return on your investment of 11% or more! Contact us to find out what your unique payback time would be. When calculating your payback time, we take into account a conservative, yearly 7% increase in the price of electricity.

California Solar Engineering

California Solar Engineering is simply your best choice for installing solar in southern California. We integrate and install the highest quality solar electric systems to meet your needs at reasonable prices.  A Ph.D. Solid State Physicist will insure that your solar PV system operates at the maximum level of performance. This includes the selection of the best available equipment, optimally integrated and sited.


As part of our design process, we perform a thorough site survey, assessing module placement and orientation, shading, electrical losses, and other system impairments. (Find out How Solar Works here.) We do not use a cookie cutter approach that may save money up front, but will cause long term reliability problems.  Instead, we design and expertly install the most efficient photovoltaic system for your location.  Careful engineering ensures you get the highest rebate amount to which you are entitled.  We will also help you with the paperwork to guarantee you get the rebate you are owed.
We back our systems with a ten-year warranty on parts and workmanship and a 25 year warranty on solar panels.  We provide accurate performance estimates for our products and calculate conservative financial measures such as payback period and Internal Rate of Return.

California Solar Cost

The cost of installing solar panels in California is one of the lowest in the country and has decreased still further this past year.  Even as electricity rates from polluting energy sources have risen, the cost of solar panels has actually declined due to rising inventories world-wide.  California is leading the country in both residential and commercial solar systems because of our generous rebates and plentiful sunshine.


Right now local utility companies in Southern California are offering rebates of 20-45% through the California Solar Initiative (CSI).  The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is offering rebates approaching 50%!  All solar customers are also eligible for a Federal tax credit of 30% and businesses can use accelerated 5-year Federal and State depreciation on the equipment.  This can mean a savings of as much as 60%!  In just a few years your system will pay for itself and you will enjoy completely free electricity for the remainder of the life of your system. 

The popularity of solar energy systems continues to rise as a non-polluting alternative to polluting fossil fuel energy sources which also contribute to global warming.  A solar systm will not only generate clean energy in an environmentally sound and safe manner, it will save you money. 

Now is the best time ever to Go Solar!

Solar pricing, rebates, incentives, and specials are constantly changing so let our solar consultants tell you the most updated and customized information out possible by answering the following 4 questions!

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