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Solar energy panels in Mt. Washington, California

mt_wash_solar "Peter and his solar gremlins have been responsive, flexible, helpful, honest, kind, thoughtful, neat, and diligent.  They handled the rebate application, permit, etc.  Even after installation, they returned to improve the system's performance.” 
-Henry Weinstock, Mt. Washington

Mt. Washington is an ideal location for solar energy systems, with seemingly endless energy from the sun on countless uninterruptedly sunny days. Many residents of Mt. Washington go solar to reduce our country’s dependence of fossil fuels while saving money on increasingly expensive electricity bills.

California Solar Engineering (CSE) will ensure that your solar panels dramatically reduce your electricity bills over the 25-year life of your system. California Solar Engineering is dedicated to providing excellent service including the finest quality solar energy products. CSE solar panel systems are designed for high efficiency and long-term performance.  We guarantee our work for 10 years and the solar panels we instal are guaranteed for an industry leading 25 years. We are a NABCEP™ certified solar installer with 9 years of solar installation experience in Southern California.

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Mt. Washington's Solar Potential

Mt. Washington, CA is situated at 34.1 degrees north latitude and 118.2 degrees west longitude. The region basks in an average of just over 5.5 kWhs of solar energy each square meter each day.

latitude-longitude The average solar panel array we install in Mt. Washington produces about 4,000 watts of solar power. That translates into approximately 17,000 watt hours of consumable electricity per day. For context, that covers the entire energy consumption for a typical family of three and could save you over $80/ month on your electric bills!

Rebates and Incentives in Mt. Washington

ladwpA new solar panel installation can qualify for both federal and local incentives and solar rebates that can cover over 50% of the total cost of your sollar installation. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Incentive Program is committed to helping Mt. Washington residents go solar. LADWP provides an incentive payment equal to an estimated 20 years of energy production to its customers that go solar. Since 1999 the LADWP Solar Incentive Program has facilitated the installation of over 13 MW of solar power.

Mt. Washington residents are well-advised to use a professional solar engineer to design their solar system. An optimally designed system will produce the most electricity, and LADWP distributes rebates based on predicted energy production.

California Solar Engineering works closely with LADWP on a daily basis and we understand how to work with you to provide the detail-specific information needed to process your rebate applications. We also work closely with the City of Los Angeles Planning Department to handle permit applications and inspection requests. The LADWP website offers several sources of information concerning solar incentives.

In addition to these local Mt. Washington incentives, every solar installation in the country is eligible for a 30% Federal Tax Credit as of January 1, 2009. This 30% is based on your adjusted cost, after the LADWP rebate and greatly reduces the total cost of solar.  A tax credit is not a deduction. It is a credit that is applied directly against what you may owe in taxes.






Tour of Solar Homes in Mount Washington

Peter Parrish, president of California Solar Engineering, is a solar home owner in Mt. Washington. His home is regularly featured on solar homes tours including this year’s tour organized by the Valley Solar Amigos. Solar tours are organized every year all throughout the US by the American Solar Energy Society. For more info about the tours and upcoming events see the ASES National Solar Tour.
Peter Parrish's solar energy home was also part of a local solar tour in 2008. Realtor Kendyl Young, who went on the tour, thought solar energy "was was so completely cool" that she shot a short video of Peter Parrish. (Details on her blog at: Listen to Dr. Parrish of Mt. Washington explain that you could get up to $8,000 tax credit. For more information about how a solar installation could save you money, please go to our LADWP solar rebate page.
Dr. Parrish has 3 solar energy systems in his backyard, one being an impressive 3kW array. His installation and others' are described in detail in an article by Herman K. Trabish, Four Americans, Two Things in Common and One World; A solar tour of L.A.

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