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Energy-saving retrofit of a 1920s house makes it so 2010

Paul Young, LA Times January 4, 2010

State and federal financial incentives may be encouraging homeowners to go green in 2010, but Don Foster and Erin Quigley decided not to wait.
The couple live in a circa-1920 L.A. home designed by Theodore Eisen, one of the architects behind the Doheny Mansion downtown  and the Lummis Home in Highland Park.  This Eisen house is actually twin residences that Foster and Quigley merged into one large, cozy place where they can entertain friends and family and still have their respective work spaces. But with 4,300 square feet of living space, their energy bills soared.
"I used to have a very small footprint," says Foster, a writer for "Two and a Half Men." "I didn't have a car, and I lived in a very small apartment. But then I moved into this place, and suddenly my footprint was huge."
The couple bought the  house in 1994 and took the first step toward a green renovation in 1996, when they put in solar panels.  "It's a kick to see your meter slow down to a crawl," Foster says. "But what we really wanted to do was to see it run backward."


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