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Solar Water Heating Systems Eligible for State Rebates

Solar Water Heating systems eligible for state rebates of up to $1875!

On January 21, 2010, the California Public Utilities Commission approved a decision to create a new, statewide Thermal Program under the California Solar Initiative. The new program sets aside $305.8 million for direct financial incentives for consumers of Solar Water Heating systems.
Specific details are available on the CA state website.

Beginning May 1, 2010, residential customers who install certified SWH systems will be able to apply for state rebates of up to $1,875. Actual incentive payments will be determined by the thermal output of the system. The typical system that displaces natural gas will initially earn a rebate of $1,500, while the typical electricity-displacing system will qualify for a rebate of $1010. Incentive levels will decline in four steps as the solar thermal market grows, similar to the general market CSI-PV program. Commercial and multifamily customers who install certified SWH systems will qualify for up-front incentives of up to $500,000 beginning on June 1, 2010.
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